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It's me!

One individual voter.

I represent only myself.  


A Voter of The United States of America

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We the people


An open field of political vision.

For decades politicians have been shouting about campaign reform. 

Well, here it is. 

A Cybergarden

Smell the Roses

Freely stroll through other campaigns.

Search the undergrowth for a possible snake in the grass in your town. Place your own creation for others to see.

Poor people must try to serve each other.

   Sit at the lunch counter. Listen to the waitresses complain. Hear one say to the other "I'd fix that s... in a New York minute if I was Governor."

  Well, now she can be!

I just love her Pattymelts!

She smiles and serves pointing to the flag  her husband died for, she knows a thing or two about service to others.

With your generous gratuities, she can afford the $12.99  subscription.fee.



175 years ago starving potato farmers came here to provide a future for their families. Recently, starving farmers from Central America came here for that providence. A providence guaranteed by our Constitution. A constitution written by American citizens for future American citizens. It is the civic duty of all Americans to keep America beautiful, maintain and service the document 

as well as each other.


Freedom is not free. It is paid for with blood and treasure .  Often the blood of brave journalists.

You may campaign and fight to free others. 


What is the truth? 

Only you know the answer.

What just happened during the crash at the intersection as viewed from your side of the street.

Allow your fellow citizens the comfort of telling the truth as seen from the other side of the street.

Together, we examine the debris field and report the facts to each other.

Together, we correct the faults apparent in our investigation.

Together, we insure that a crash like what we saw will not occur again.

Together, we will insure that our streets remain a safe place for our children.


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